KS Design, Bed & Bath


Ad I graphically designed for KS Design, Bed & Bath

At KS Design they specialize in fine linens that look as luxurious as they feel. Our locally owned store in located in Oklahoma City, Okla near Nichols Hills offers fabulous bedding and bath linens to complete the look and feel of your home. Not only do we work with interior designers, but we offer extra help to individuals who want to experience the splendor of fine linens.  I used provided images and I had to recreate their logo in high resolution.  I used a simple, clean look and I am very happy with how it turned out.

Andrew C. Thomas, AIA


Andrew C. Thomas, AIA.  An Oklahoma Architect that specializes in residential design, remodels, additions, and new construction.

Andrew C. Thomas is a highly talented Oklahoma architect that specializes in specialize in residential design, remodels, additions, and new construction.  I used provided images, and used a good balance between positive an negative space.  This ad ran in distinctly Oklahoma Magazine.

Oklahoma Realtors, Linda Almaraz


Linda Almaraz and Jay Brand are realtors in the Oklahoma City metro area

Linda Almaraz and Jay Brand are Realtors in the Oklahoma City Metro area.  This ad ran at full page size in distinctly Oklahoma Magazine.